IRS Scams – Don’t Be Fooled

Photo by on Unsplash
This is just a quick note about IRS scams since they seem to be growing in popularity and reach. There are several scams the IRS warns about since this season:
1) The old phone call saying pay up or we’re sending the sheriff or putting out a warrant for your arrest call. While some of folks may owe the IRS taxes, you will know LONG before any of this type of collection activity would be even remotely possible.
2) The newer scam where your W2 info was stolen and a fake return was created. You receive a refund you did not expect and next thing you know the “IRS” is calling telling you to wire back the funds. I would say first, if you receive a refund you did not expect (especially if you have not filed yet), don’t cash the check. If it was direct deposited or you receive a check you will need to call the IRS to let them know you have received a fraudulent refund. DO NOT wire or use a credit card to return the money based on a demand phone call.


3) The latest newest version of this scam is attached in the IRS link I am including below – where the caller ID is programmed to look like the IRS’ phone number. The real IRS will not specify a payment method nor will they take credit card info over the phone.


If you get any of these calls DO NOT ENGAGE the caller even if you know its a scam. These callers are also trolling for info to sell to identity thieves and any little comment could be a tell for private info you inadvertantly are giving away.


Here is the link to the IRS site that tells you what you should do and what the IRS does NOT do (I included the URL below if you prefer to copy and paste). In any doubt? Call me.


Stay safe and we’ll chat again soon!

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