Starting Over

We’ve been hit with a lot in this past year – we’ve lost jobs, friends, family members, favorite businesses, favorite events…our old sense of normal. Most of us, somehow, are having to deal with the prospect of starting over and what that looks like now that we have a new frame of reference. I’ve asked my friend and guest writer, who has tackled this question head on, to write on her insights on tackling starting over –

Guest Post and Photo credit: Jade Nutt (and a little haiku too!)

Starting all over?

 It is scary. So many variables to consider. So many things to take into account too? 

It’s overwhelming- I get it- I’ve been there. 

Fortunately for us (get it? Fortune?) we get to wake up every single day and make choices. We get to decide how we spend our time- and in turn- that ultimately decides how we spend our money. It can also decide how we save it; and make it, too. 

Are you at a fork in the road mentally and financially? 

Let me give you some tips from a freshly seasoned rookie- with expert advice by my side, Susan James & Associates Inc.

Heard of Passive Income?

It is defined loosely among most- but, for now we will go with Investopedia’s statement for the sake of discussing simple financial life hacks. 

“Colloquially, it’s been used to define money being earned regularly with little or no effort on the part of the person receiving it.”


Easy money. Lots of determination.

    If you have ever considered finding ways to make some easy income or if you have not given it any thought until now – I hope this advice finds you well and puts you in a better place somehow. Whether it be mental peace knowing you have debatably easy options and resources available, or the finishing touches to your game plan- I hope it is of use.

     First let us self-reflect and look at our natural talents and abilities- try writing down or making a list of things you feel you excel at and your hobbies/interests. 

Now that you have those things swirling around in the brain bucket- let’s think about ways to turn those things into cash. 

We are all aware that today’s consumer market has its eyes all over the World Wide Web; or you would probably not be here right now, reading this. Not to sound presumptuous; nor to judge, but Deyan G. a writer for, says the average user spent 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on Social Media in 2020. 

  • If those 2 hours and 24 minutes aren’t making you any money- and you are in the midst of financial crisis- it’s time to reevaluate some things. 

Turn your skills into cash! 

     If you’re handy- there are resources available like HomeAdvisor where people are constantly posting odd jobs that need done! And now more than ever- across the spectrum businesses and individuals need people who want to work and get things done! So, let’s be go getters- 

Instead of using your time on social media reading about the pothole on Central Avenue- make a post asking if anyone needs any help with anything- you could potentially get paid to fix the pothole yourself; imagine that. There is no shame in saying “I need money and I want to work!” If anything, it is honorable and shows drive. 

Those talents/hobbies we discussed? 

     Let’s find a business model for them. 

  • Shopify is an excellent ecommerce platform and used broadly.

Good at photography and enjoy it? 

There are dozens of online selling platforms for your images! 

Crafty? An artist? 

     Let’s take those knitting skills and knit up a wad of money! 

There are so many platforms for those who wish to sell their “handmade goods”. 

More resources to consider: 

  • Instacart, make money shopping and making deliveries! 
  • Surveymonkey– make money by taking surveys! (Always be sure to check reviews on sites offering similar services and rewards- you do not want to waste time on empty promises) 

And if it gets rough- you can always sell Plasma!

But if you think outside the box first- you could be donating it instead

Before I go- I will leave you with some solid tax advice- and maybe a Haiku. 

     Online businesses- especially those who are just beginning to dabble- need to be aware of the changes for online sales and stay up to date. It is crucial that you document all online sales and pay all applicable taxes through the year if you decide to delve into the entrepreneurial world of the internet. 

If you make at least $600 from online sales this year- you will be getting one of these Form 1099-K and yes, the IRS wants their cut! 

So play it smart kid

You can be independent

Financially free 

<5-7-5 Haiku by Jade Nutt> 

In the meantime- keep an eye out here for a more in-depth look at the new tax changes for online entrepreneurs. 

Give us a shout should you need anything before then! 

Be back soon. 

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