Hi there and welcome to my blog!  In my business, I get to help so many people with solve their financial puzzles and that’s really what it is to me. I know it sounds nerdy, but every bank statement tells a story.  Maybe you are finally launching your new business venture, getting married, about to send your kid to college or about to retire.  Whatever your situation, chances are I have seen it before. 

I love helping my clients and noticed that there were so many times they looked at me and said, “I wish I had known about this!” So that’s what this is.  My way of helping MORE people know about the things that can help them reach their financial goals. As always, I need you know that there is no cookie-cutter approach to everything so I encourage you to work with a professional (like me!)  and/or become more savvy yourself !



Susan Aki-Sanford has been a tax and small business advisor since 1988 and opened her own business Susan James and Associates in 1998, becoming an Enrolled Agent in 1999. Her clients include start ups, small businesses and real estate investors.  She and her team enjoy problem solving and putting together the “puzzle” pieces to create solutions and strategies to resolve client issues and maximize their opportunities.  She tailors her approach for each client based on their different risk tolerances, financial skills and compliance disciplines.  To work with Susan and her team, please fill out our contact form.


Susan is happy to speak or craft custom tips on the following:  taxes, small business finances, personal financial planning and more.  In 2017, she noticed a trend when it came to women and money.  She is especially passionate about helping women meet their financial goals.

She is available for interviews here.


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